​​​would Your Child Benefit From Early Intervention Services?

Preparing & Developing Kids​

 A child's first three years are very important and the way the child learns and develops during those years can make a difference in the child's future. Below are some developmental milestones for your child's first three years. Although each milestone has an age level, the actual age when a normally developing child reaches that milestone will vary. It is important to remember that every child is unique. If you have any concerns speak with your child's pediatrician about a referral to your community's early childhood intervention system. 

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1 year to 2 years some children:

  • play simple pretend games (feeding a doll)

  • walk alone

  • say several single words

  • kick a ball​

birth to 6 months some Children:

  • respond to own name

  • raise head slightly when lying on stomach

  • roll over

  • crawl

7 to 12 months some children:

  • use simple gestures (waving "bye-bye")

  • sit without support

  • stand unaided

  • walk with or without aid​

2 years to 3 years some children:

  • use 4-5 word sentences

  • run forward

  • play make believe with various objects

  • respond to simple directions